Deunlevie Bigger

It can be hard to know who to trust with your historic building. At John Moore Construction, we have taken the time to learn the specialized techniques and materials used to build older homes and buildings, and know how to restore, repair, and extend the longevity of the original materials. We are also well-versed in the methods for recreating historic elements when repair isn’t possible. With John Moore Construction, your historic building is in good hands whether it is commercial or residential.

Our award-winning historic preservation process combines modern construction methods with an eye for detail that ensures your historic building is aesthetically accurate and more structurally sound than ever. With our own custom millwork shop, we can recreate nearly any architectural elements that have been lost through the years. With John Moore Construction, you can retain your historic appeal, while adding peace-of-mind and modern convenience.

Perhaps your historic building is in need of a complete structural restoration like the oyster factory we transformed into the Pin Point Heritage Museum. Or maybe it needs a face-lift to undo years of neglect and inaccurate modifications, as was the case at the Dunlevie House. Or maybe you’re simply looking to add some modern conveniences to your historic kitchen. Contact us today, we’d love to come out and take a look.